Applicator Mitt

Our application mitt not only protects your hands, but ensures even and streak-free results every time.

  • Soft material for smooth, streak-free application
  • Protects hands from staining
  • Double-sided
  • Evenly blends tanning mousse
  • Re-usable and washable
  • Use for face and body


Step 1 - Put on the Application Mitt and pump self tanning mousse onto your mitt.

Step 2 - Apply to body and blend self tanner in circular motions. 

Step 3 - Wash mitt in warm water and air dry. Machine washable. Do not use fabric softener. Allow to air dry before storing or re-using. Do not air dry in direct sunlight.

To get the best value, purchase our bundle pack. $28 dollars for a bottle of tanning mousse and the glove. (It's an add on option for each of the self tanners).